#1 – Intro to Twin Dad Talks  




This is my first post and probably the worst one. Here goes……

[CRINGING] I’m Dan (35) and if you hadn’t have guessed from the title, I have twins, Tristan and Bethany (less than a year old) and a 4 year old called Jackson. I used to have hobbies but I can’t remember what they were. 

If you’ve got twins yourself you know exactly what I mean. If you’re expecting them you soon know what I mean. 

I’ve set this blog up because I’m going to fill it full of ads and a bucket load of amazon links and make myself a millionairre…..(i wish). What i’m going to try and do is give you a taster of what it’s like on a daily basis being a dad of twins. I’m aiming to be helpful and entertaining, but this is my first bash at writing anything so we’ll see how it goes. I can promise that I will be overly honest, verged on ungratful. It won’t be sunshines, rainbows and perfect instagram story material but it will be honest. 

Not 100% how I’m going to do this or whether I’ll get fed up after a week and not bother. Or, anybody will ever read this. but sod it.  


I don’t feel like i’m a natural father, I’m terribly mardy* and a serial complainer. I will try to curb this on occasion for the good of you, the reader, however I can’t promise anything. 

If you’re still reading then I thank you as I know your time is precious.
So come back tomorrow and see what I’ve managed to come up with in the last 24 hours. 🙂 
1) In a petulant bad mood; sulky or grumpy. – “you can get all mardy about it if you like”



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